tapeworm infection

Assalamu Alikum 

I hope you're doing great dr. Khalil

I am writing to you because I have some questions. Actually, I am not suffering any kind of symptoms alhamdulillah. However, recently I noticed that there are like seeds in the stool like 1cm. At the beginning I did not really pay attention because I have muesli in my breakfast which contains seeds (sunflower seeds and other kinds) so I thought what I saw was just undigested seeds

But later I read more and I found that one of the symptoms of tapeworm infection is to see segments of the worm in the stool. This really scares me now but I still hope it's only the seeds i had in my food

 so my questions are: how often a person can see the worm segments when they pass stool? And I have decided to stop eating this type of food for this month and see if I still can see these thing or not, so is this a good idea in order to make sure I am not infected? and my last question I heard that the medication Vermox is usually used to treat other kinds of worms, so is it ok to take it even though I am not infected with these types of worms just to make sure I'm ok? Or is it unsafe to take it? I know that vermox is not used to kill tapeworms


Thank you very much for your help


وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

The best thing to do, is to check a stool sample (sometimes we need to check more than one sample on consecutive days) to make sure (for the diagnosis), then to take the appropriate drug (treatment).

Because it is important as well to identify the source of infection (if any) and to check contacts.

دكتور خليل اليوسفي

Thank you very much

?what about the Vermox is it safe to take it without a doctor's prescription


Well the proper way is to do a stool test, but if you insist you can take it no problems.

Dr. Khalil Alyousifi