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Question 3#

A holosystolic murmer that is accompanied by a ventricular septal defect is associated with the following etiology:

a. Ventricular filling that follows atrial contraction
b. Crescendo-decrescendo; occur as blood is ejected into the left and right ventricular outflow tracts
c. Flow between chambers that have widely different pressures throughout systole
d. A relative disproportion between valve orifice size and diastolic blood flow volume

Correct Answer is C


Classification of cardiac murmurs:

AI = aortic insufficiency; ASD = atrial septal defect; MR = mitral regurg itation; MS = mitral stenosis. MVP = mitral valve prolapse; PDA = patent d uctus arteriosus; PR = pulmonic regurg itation; Tl = tricuspid insufficiency; TS = tricuspid stenosis;VSD = ventricular septal defect.