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Question 12#

A 45-year-old woman presents with RLQ pain. A CT scan is performed. What finding on CT scan is most suggestive of appendiceal lymphoma?

a. Appendiceal diameter >2.5 cm or surrounding soft tissue thickening
b. Lack of contrast filling the appendix
c. 1-cm mass at the base of the appendix
d. Prominent aortic lymph nodes

Correct Answer is A


Lymphoma of the appendix is uncommon. The most common types of appendiceal lymphoma in decreasing order are non-Hodgkin, Burkitt, and leukemia. Findings on CT scan include appendiceal diameter of >2.5 cm or surrounding soft tissue thickening. The management is confined to appendectomy. Right hemicolectomy is indicated if the tumor extends beyond the appendix onto the cecum or into the mesentery. If requiring a right hemicolectomy, postoperatively the patient will require a staging workup and possible adjuvant chemotherapy.