Question 1#

With regard to hepatic anatomy, the falciform ligament divides the_____ from the____

a. Caudate lobe, quadrate lobe
b. Right lobe, left lobe
c. Left medial section, left lateral section
d. Left medial section, right lobe

Correct Answer is C


The falciform ligament divides the left lateral section from the left medial section. The plane between the gallbladder fossa and the inferior vena cava (IVC-referred to as Cantlie's line) divides the right and left lobes. The falciform ligament, along with the round, triangular, and coronary ligaments may be divided in a bloodless plane during liver resection figure below.

 Hepatic ligaments suspending the l iver to the diaphragm and anterior abdominal wall.

In situ l iver hilar anatomy with hepatoduodenal and gastrohepatic ligaments. Foramen of Winslow is depicted.

Couinaud l iver segments (I through VIII) numbered in a clockwise manner. The left lobe includes segments II to IV, the right lobe includes segments V to VIII, and the caudate lobe is segment I. IVC = inferior vena cava .