Question 3#

Which of the following correctly pairs the segments of the liver and their associated systemic venous drainage?

a. Segments I, II, III: Right hepatic vein
b. Segment IV: Right hepatic vein
c. Segment I: IVC
d. Segment V, VI, VII, VIII: Left hepatic vein

Correct Answer is C


There are three hepatic veins (right, middle, and left) that serve as the outflow for the hepatic circulation and drain into the suprahepatic IVC. The right hepatic vein drains segments V to VIII; the middle hepatic vein drains segment IV, as well as segments V and VIII; and the left hepatic vein drains segments II and III (Fig. below). The caudate lobe (segment I) drains directly in to the IVC.

Confluence of the three hepatic veins (HVs) and the inferior vena cava (IVC). Note that the middle and left hepatic veins (HVs) drain into a common trunk before entering the IVC. a . = artery; v. = vein.