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Question 17#

A sliding hernia:

a. Has an abnormally high recurrence rate after repair
b. Can involve the bladder
c. Is more common in the right groin
d. Occurs almost exclusively in women

Correct Answer is B


Inguinal hernias may compress adjacent nerves, leading to generalized pressure, localized sharp pain, and referred pain. Pressure or heaviness in the groin is a common complaint, especially at the conclusion of the day or following prolonged activity. Sharp pain tends to indicate an impinged nerve and may not be related to the extent of physical activity performed by the patient. Neurogenic pain may be referred to the scrotum, testicle, or inner thigh. Questions should be directed to elicit and characterize extrainguinal symptoms. A change in bowel habits or urinary symptoms may indicate a sliding hernia consisting of intestinal contents or involvement of the bladder within the hernia sac.