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Question 4#

Principles of reconstructive surgery include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Adequate restoration of lost anatomic components without residual deficits
B. Uncomplicated and timely wound healing
C. Individualization of specific reconstructive technique to specific patient deficit
D. Compromise of extent of tumor resection if needed for specific reconstructive surgical outcome

Correct Answer is D


The reconstructive surgeon aims to restore lost anatomic components adequately. Residual deficits, seemingly inconsequential, may progress to psychological morbidity, societal malacceptance, and social withdrawal. Uncomplicated and timely wound healing is important to allow adjuvant therapies when indicated and smooth discharge to home and occupation. Each defect can be addressed by a number of methods, but the technique must be decided for each individual patient. Although a more complex reconstruction might offer improved outcomes, it may bring an increased risk of complications. Some patients may therefore benefit from use of a simpler method with more acceptable anesthetic and operative risk rather than a gold-standard reconstruction.