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Question 53#

The rupture rate of silicone breast implants is approximately:

a. 5% at 5 years
b. 5% at 10 years
c. 50% at 5 years
d. 50% at 12 years
e. 15% at 15 years

Correct Answer is D


50% at 12 years. This is the ‘traditional’ rate quoted 1. However, many of these were older generation implants. More recent papers/data suggest a number closer to 10% at 10 years. Readers are recommended to reappraise the future literature, and hence the validity of this answer.

1. Robinson OG Jr, Bradley EL, Wilson DS. Analysis of explanted silicone implants: a report of 300 patients. Ann Plast Surg 1995; 34(1): 1-6.