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Question 24#

A 45-year-old diabetic man is admitted directly to the catheterization laboratory with chest pain and ST elevation. He had elective angioplasty a week previously for stable angina. He received drug-eluting stents and is taking aspirin and clopidogrel. The relevant angiographic image is shown

What is the diagnosis?

A) Acute stent thrombosis of the right coronary artery
B) Acute stent thrombosis of the left anterior descending artery
C) Acute stent thrombosis of the circumflex artery
D) Acute stent thrombosis of a saphenous vein graft
E) Catheter-induced coronary dissection

Correct Answer is A


The clinical history suggests acute stent thrombosis. The image shows occlusion of flow at the proximal edge of a stent.