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Question 6#

Regarding blepharoplasty, which of the following statements about the normal Caucasian eye is incorrect?

a. The lateral canthal angle is normally about 2mm superior to the medial angle giving the eyelids a slightly upward flare
b. The highest point of the upper lid margin is just medial to the central papillary axis
c. Typically the eyelid crease measures more in men than women
d. The lower eyelid rests at the inferior limbus and its lowest point is just lateral to the pupil
e. The lower lid crease is formed by the insertion of lower eyelid retractors into the skin at this point

Correct Answer is C


Typically the eyelid crease measures more in men than women. This statement is incorrect; the eyelid crease is significantly less in men than women (7-8mm vs 10-12mm), which must be accounted for when planning surgery. The lower lid retractors consist of the capsulopalpebral fascia and the inferior tarsal muscle, and their cutaneous insertion forms the lower lid crease. It is important to know the normal position of the eyelid margins and the eye.