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Question 5#

Which of the following factors is the most important in choosing a suitable breast reduction technique?

a. The nipple distance as measured from the suprasternal-notch (SSN)
b. The nipple distance as measured from the inframammary fold (IMF)
c. Amount of glandular resection
d. BMI and general condition of the patient
e. Surgeon’s experience

Correct Answer is E


Surgeon’s experience. Several techniques in breast reduction are available. Choosing the appropriate procedure depends on many factors. The amount of breast resection, which is obviously related to breast size, is considered one of the most important factors. However, training of the surgeon in a specific technique may make it suitable for use on any breast size. Degree of ptosis and the distance of the nipple to the IMF will determine the length of the pedicle which is needed to carry the NAC. Master plastic surgeons may be able to produce safe techniques in breast reduction; however, free nipple techniques should be considered in inexperienced hands in situations such as elderly patients in poor medical health or with resections more than 2500g per side. There is no best method of breast reduction. The ideal technique may be the one which the surgeon has mastered with the most confidence.