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Question 1#

When considering the topic of reconstructive burn surgery, which of the following statements do you consider to represent the greatest consensus view?

a. Reconstructive burns surgery should begin when all scars are fully mature
b. In children reconstructive burn surgery should be delayed until puberty
c. Reconstructive burn surgery is primarily involved with the release of contractures
d. Reconstructive burn surgery should begin in the acute burn phase
e. The principal goal of reconstructive burns surgery is independent mobility

Correct Answer is D


Reconstructive burn surgery should begin in the acute burn phase. If there is a functional problem, early intervention is appropriate. Children do pose special problems because of the additional dimension of growth. In these circumstances flaps are usually better than grafts and there is certainly no need to wait until growth stops. Burn reconstruction is aimed at both function and form, and deals with far more than contractures and mobility. We must always be thinking of the reconstructive outcome when we are dealing with acute burns. Appropriately treated, no further reconstruction may be needed despite extensive, deep burns.