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Question 2#

Frey’s syndrome:

a. Occurs in approximately 50% of patients following a submandibular gland excision
b. Occurs when parasympathetic innervation of sweat glands is replaced by sympathetic innervation to the parotid gland
c. Botulinum toxin is licensed for use in its symptomatic treatment
d. Was described by Lucja Frey-Gottesman in the 8th century
e. Is also known as Baillarger’s syndrome

Correct Answer is E


Is also known as Baillarger’s syndrome. Frey’s syndrome only occurs after surgical procedures on the parotid gland. It occurs when parasympathetic fibres normally destined for the parotid reinnervate the sympathetic receptors of the sweat glands. It can be treated by botulinum toxin but currently there is no licence for this. Although Lucja Frey-Gottesman described the syndrome, it was not in the 8th century and it is also known as Baillarger’s syndrome.