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Question 2#

Which statement concerning haemangioma is incorrect?

A. Present in 10% of newborns with white skin
B. Occurs in female infants three times more commonly than in male infants
C. Incidence is higher in premature infants
D. Is rarely hereditary
E. Precursor (herald) marks are present in approximately 50% of children who develop a haemangioma

Correct Answer is A


Present in 10% of newborns with white skin. This statement is incorrect; haemangiomas are present in approximately 10% of white skinned children by the age of 1 year, but only 1-2% of newborns. Female infants are three times more likely to have haemangiomas, and the incidence is increased in premature neonates. They occur in all races but less commonly in African or Asian skin. Although traditionally considered to be sporadic, autosomal dominant segregation within families has been described but rare. Haemangiomas present with a variety of precursor lesions in approximately 50% of cases and these can be present at birth.