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Question 11#

Regarding hemifacial atrophy, which is correct? 

a. Is due to a chromosome abnormality (11p3)
b. Is due to a chromosome abnormality (15q11)
c. Is best monitored using thermography
d. Should be treated surgically within 6 months of diagnosis
e. Osteotomies are not indicated as this is only a soft-tissue disease

Correct Answer is C


Is best monitored using thermography. Thermography is the best modality to monitor the activity of the disease. Hemifacial atrophy is also referred to as Romberg’s disease or Parry-Romberg disease. It is unilateral and sporadic with an onset usually between early childhood and late teens/ early twenties. A classic ‘coup de sabre’ deformity is occasionally seen, and other atrophic changes involve the eye, hair, skin, soft tissue and bone. Treatment options include fat transfer, free or pedicled flaps including fascial flaps - classically parascapular, scapular, omental and ALT. Surgery should be delayed until the disease is no longer active.