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Question 4#

An 82-year-old retired solicitor presents to the ED with chest pain radiating to his jaw. He has hypertension treated with ramipril 5 mg bd but is otherwise normally fit and well. His admission ECG shows atrial fibrillation with a ventricular rate of 90 bpm, LVH, and widespread ST segment depression. His peak troponin is 110 ng/L (normal <30 ng/L). He is started on treatment for an acute coronary syndrome and listed for an inpatient angiogram. You are asked to perform a bedside echocardiogram as a systolic murmur is heard on the post-take ward round. Calculate the aortic valve area (using the continuity equation) from the following pics

A. 0.76 cm2
B. 0.80 cm2
C. 0.92 cm2
D. 1.02 cm2
E. 1.08 cm2

Correct Answer is B



CSALVOT = 0.785(2.482)

CSAAV = 4.82 × 11.61/70.22

CSAAV = 0.798 cm2  = 0.8 cm2