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Question 5#

A 74-year-old woman presents to your office for well-woman examination. Her last Pap smear and mammogram were 3 years ago. She has hypertension, high cholesterol, and osteoarthritis. She stopped smoking 15 years ago, and does not use alcohol.

Based on this history, which of the following medical conditions should be this patient’s biggest concern?

a. Alzheimer disease
b. Breast cancer
c. Cerebrovascular disease
d. Heart disease
e. Lung cancer

Correct Answer is D


In order of decreasing incidence, the leading causes of death in women older than 65 years are the following: diseases of the heart, cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, pneumonia and influenza, accidents, renal disease, and septicemia.