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Question 5#

Which one of the following is FALSE regarding apoptosis?

a. It causes cellular shrinkage
b. It results in the breakdown of organelles
c. Proteins, cytoplasm and organelles are engulfed by autophagosomes
d. It leads to the condensation of DNA into chromatin
e. It causes the leakage of cytosol into the extracellular space (blebbing)

Correct Answer is C


Answer C

Apoptosis or type 1 cell death is a type of programmed cell death, which is highly regulated and controlled. It is characterised by a sequence of molecular events that lead to particular morphological appearances. These include cellular shrinkage, breakdown of organelles, condensation of DNA into chromatin and blebbing. Autophagic cell death or type 2 cell death is a process where a cell digests itself.