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Question 3#

You admit a middle-aged woman on the acute take who has been investigated for breathlessness for several years. Pulmonary hypertension is suspected.

What should you do?

a. Start sildenafil
b. Give warfarin in patients with pulmonary hypertension but no thromboembolic disease
c. Withhold diuretics in the setting of overt right heart failure
d. Give an ACE inhibitor to benefit the right ventricle
e. Give an angiotensin receptor blocker

Correct Answer is B


Routine therapies given for patients with PH include warfarin (even if the underlying aetiology is not chronic thromboembolic disease) to attenuate the risk of in situ thrombus formation. Diuretics are given in those with overt right heart failure. Involvement by a specialist centre is essential. Advanced drug therapies should not be started without specialist input as they can be harmful. ACE inhibitors are not indicated for right heart failure.