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Question 18#

You are looking after a 75-year-old man who has been newly diagnosed with chronic heart failure. 

As part of a referral to the CR services, which one of the following should not be considered?

A) Fluid status (weight, postural BP) and management with diuretics
B) Quality of life score
C) Cardioprotective medication and device therapy (ICD, CRT)
D) Functional capacity
E) Psychosocial wellbeing

Correct Answer is B


The core components of CR are the same for patients with chronic heart failure as for patients following an ACS. These include lifestyle measures (e.g. smoking, diet, and exercise/ functional capacity), risk factor management (BP, lipid and blood sugar control), cardioprotective drugs and devices, and psychosocial wellbeing. These core components are underpinned by education and long-term management strategies. In patients with chronic heart failure, it is also particularly important to assess fluid status and manage this appropriately with diuretics.