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Question 4#

The most common pattern of benign calcification in hamartomas is:

a. Solid
b. Diffuse
c. Central
d. Popcorn

Correct Answer is D


Computed tomography ( CT) findings characteristic of benign lesions include small size, calcification within the nodule, and stability over time. Four patterns of benign calcification are common: diffuse, solid, central, and laminated or "popcorn:' Granulomatous infections, such as tuberculosis, can demonstrate the first three patterns, whereas the popcorn pattern is most common in hamartomas. In areas of endemic granulomatous disease, differentiating benign versus malignant can be challenging. Infectious granulomas arising from a variety of organisms account for 70 to 80% of this type of benign solitary nodules; hamartomas are the next most common single cause, accounting for about 10%.