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In obstetrical brachial plexus palsy (OBPP):

a. 50% of babies proceed to full spontaneous recovery within 3 months
b. Some elbow flexion is present
c. The branches of the posterior cord are unaffected
d. The Oberlin’s transfer can be a useful procedure
e. Horner’s sign is usually present

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A simple ‘ridge’ of mucosa created on the back of the pharynx of cleft patients to try and reduce nasal escape is sometimes called after a surgeon. Who was he?

a. Pigott
b. Passavant
c. Hynes
d. Rosselli
e. Orticochea

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Classifications, scoring systems and syndromes that are relevant to cleft lip and palate and its management include all except: 

a. GOSPAS scale
b. Kernahan’s classification
c. LAHSHAL classification
d. Kubitza’s scale
e. Catch-22 syndrome

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Which is true regarding pilomatrixoma (calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe)? 

a. They are occasionally malignant
b. They are commonest on the back
c. They are usually at least 3cm in size
d. There is actually no calcification on histology
e. They are fixed to overlying skin

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‘Straight-line’ techniques for the repair of cleft lip include those described by:

a. Both Rose-Thompson and Millard
b. Both Millard and Le Mesurier
c. Both Wynn and Tennison-Randall
d. None except one of the above named
e. None of the above

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Paediatric plastic surgery
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