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Category: Plastic Surgery--->Basic principles and basic science
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Concerning leech therapy used to salvage venously congested tissues, which of the following is false?

a. Complications include postoperative infection with Aeromonas spp.
b. Augmentin® is the most effective prophylactic antibiotic
c. The gastro-intestinal microbiota differs between Hirudo spp.
d. Hirudo medicinalis was FDA approved as a medical device in 2004
e. Recent microbiological studies have shown that Aeromonas is sensitive to fluoroquinolones

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When vein grafts are used to bridge intra-arterial defects:

a. The vein wall thins due to the increased luminal pressure
b. Graft length decreases by 25-30% long term
c. The graft stretches by 20-30%
d. The vein wall thickens significantly
e. There is no ingrowth of smooth muscle cells
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The rupture rate of silicone breast implants is approximately:

a. 5% at 5 years
b. 5% at 10 years
c. 50% at 5 years
d. 50% at 12 years
e. 15% at 15 years

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The following statements concerning hyaluronic acid are true except:

a. It is found in the vitreous humour of the eye
b. It is a major constituent of Perlane®
c. It is a major constituent of Radiesse®
d. It is a glycosaminoglycan
e. It is not available as an oral preparation

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The four zones within the capsule surrounding an expander were described by: 

a. Radovan
b. Neumann
c. Paysk
d. Brand
e. Nalebuff

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Basic principles and basic science
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