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Category: Psychiatry--->History, Social Psychiatry and Ethics
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Under the principle of common law which of the following can be done without a patient’s consent?

A. Blood sample can be drawn after paracetamol overdose in an emergency
B. Liver transplantation can be done on a suicidal patient
C. A psychiatric inpatient can be detained overnight if they attempt to leave
D. Contraceptives can be implanted to a young lady with mania
E. Depot antipsychotics could be given for agitation

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‘Run amok’ involves sudden dissociative reaction which can lead to multiple homicide or suicide.

It is best classified under which of the following categories?

A. Dissociation reaction
B. Somatoform disorders
C. Culture-bound syndrome
D. Substance use disorder
E. Delusional disorder

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Who first used the word ‘psychiatry’ (or ‘psychiatrie’) to describe the profession?

A. Reil
B. Rush
C. Deniker
D. Kline
E. Charcot

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One of the following is a major proponent of the antipsychiatry movement?

A. William Osler
B. Thomas Szasz
C. Aubrey Lewis
D. Henry Maudsley
E. Adolf Meyer

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Which of the following is NOT routinely considered as boundary violations in a therapeutic relationship?

A. Touching except handshake
B. Treating friends or relatives
C. Personal disclosure
D. Interpretation of emotionally neutral statements
E. Colluding with a patient against a third party

Category: Psychiatry--->History, Social Psychiatry and Ethics
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