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Chris is planning his stag party. He knows the average number of cans of lager a person is likely to drink. From that he calculates the number of cans he will need to buy, and in turn the costs involved. During this complex mathematical calculation, he manipulates numbers in his memory.

Which of the following types of memory is he most likely to be using?

A. Iconic memory
B. Implicit memory
C. Episodic memory
D. Working memory
E. Semantic memory

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A college student who last swam when he was 12 years old is surprised by his ability to swim when pushed into the pool during a party.

Which of the following cognitive capacity could explain the above phenomenon?

A. Procedural memory
B. Retrospective memory
C. State-dependent memory
D. Eidetic memory
E. Working memory

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A student preparing for a physics test learned the definitions of the following terms an hour before the test in this order: Hubble’s law, gravity wave, fusion, special relativity, string theory, and M theory.

Which of the following definitions is he likely to forget?

A. Fusion, special relativity
B. Hubble’s law and m theory
C. String theory and m theory
D. Hubble’s law and gravity wave
E. Gravity wave and string theory

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The phase of human sexual response that occurs after desire is called:

A. Resolution phase
B. Plateau phase
C. Orgasmic phase
D. Excitement phase
E. Ejaculatory phase

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According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, at the times of natural disasters which of the following will be the most appropriate intervention? 

A. Provision of food and shelter
B. CBT to enhance self-esteem
C. Group therapy to enhance love and belongingness
D. Behavioural therapy to enhance safety behaviour
E. Meditation to achieve self actualization

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychology
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