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Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopathology
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A 23-year-old man points to his left elbow and says he could hear voices coming from it.

Which of the following symptoms is he exhibiting? 

A. Anosognosia
B. Somatic hallucination
C. Extracampine hallucination
D. Auditory hallucination
E. Somatization

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Which of the following symptoms denotes an abnormal psychopathology whenever present?

A. Obsessions
B. Delusions
C. Hallucinations
D. Depersonalization
E. Amnesia

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When a patient is asked where she is living, she says ‘Helltown’ instead of ‘Hilton’. She quickly corrects her error after saying the word.

This is an example of which of the following phenomena?

A. Parapraxis
B. Confabulation
C. Pseudologia fantastica
D. Manipulation
E. Impulsivity

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Pronominal reversal is a symptom associated with which of the following disorders?

A. Schizophrenia
B. Conduction aphasia
C. Pseudobulbar dysarthria
D. Autism
E. Mania

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Which of the following refers to the sign present in autistic children who continually rotate in the direction in which their head is turned?

A. Vertigo
B. Automatic obedience
C. Catalepsy
D. Twirling
E. Twisting

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopathology
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