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In the same study as described in question 5, what are the odds of developing AUR in the placebo arm?

a. 0.30
b. 0.31
c. 0.32
d. 0.33
e. 0.34

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Publication bias is best detected in a meta-analysis using which of the following graphical forms?

a. Funnel plot
b. Kaplan–Meier curve
c. Receiver operator characteristic curve
d. Forest plot
e. Histogram

Question 8#Print Question

Which of the following statements is INCORRECT when referring to a p-value?

a. Assesses the strength of evidence against the null hypothesis
b. Is the probability that the null hypothesis is true
c. A p-value less than 0.05 means that the 95% confidence interval does not contain the null value
d. The p-value does not indicate the size or importance of the observed effect
e. When interpreting the results of an analysis, the p-value should always be considered alongside the confidence interval

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A Serious Incident does NOT need to be declared for investigation in which of the following instances?

a. Wrong site surgery
b. Allegation of abuse by a nurse
c. A computer server failure resulting in permanent loss of electronic patient records
d. A multiple trauma patient dying within 24 hours after emergency nephrectomy
e. A retained swab post-operation

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This test is used to compare the medians of two groups of independent non-parametric numerical data

a. Spearman correlation
b. Mann–Whitney U test
c. Chi-square
d. T-test
e. Pearson correlation

Category: Urology--->Statistics, Research and Governance
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