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An 8-month-old child was brought to the emergency department with cough, fever, and breathlessness. Physical examination confirmed the diagnosis of pneumonia. The medical record of the child showed that this child had four attacks of pneumonia in the last four months. Given these and the family history, cystic fibrosis was suspected and sweat test was requested and showed a slightly raised chloride. Conditions other than cystic fibrosis might increase sweat chloride concentration and result in false positive results. One of these is: 

A. Dehydration
B. Hypovolemia
C. Steroid therapy
D. High sweat rates
E. Congestive heart failure

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A 9-year-old boy is brought to the pediatric clinic by his mother, who noticed that the left side of his mouth has started to droop over the past several days. In addition, he is unable to close his left eye completely and says that it is burning. Review of systems reveals a cold approximately two weeks ago and recent decreased taste sensation. There is left eye ptosis and mild erythema of the left conjunctiva. His smile is asymmetrical on the left.

Which of the following infections is most closely associated with this patient's condition?  

A. Epstein-Barr Virus
B. Group A Streptococcus
C. Human Immunodeficiency Virus
D. Influenza
E. Measles

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A child suffering from constipation, decreased activity and poor feeding is shown here. The mother says that overall he is a "good baby" since he rarely cries and sleeps most of the time. You notice a large protruding tongue.  

What is the most likely diagnosis? 

A. Hypothyroidism
B. Down syndrome
C. Trisomy 13
D. Trisomy 18
E. Hypopituitarism

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A 14-week-old infant is brought to the office for a visit. His mother states that he has been a very slow eater and that he is constipated, not having had a bowel movement in 3 days. On physical examination, the infant has poor muscle tone, an enlarged tongue, an umbilical hernia, an enlarged anterior fontanelle, and hypothermia. He also looks slightly jaundiced, with slightly dry skin and brittle hair.

Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
B. Congenital hypothyroidism
C. Trisomy 21
D. Turner syndrome
E. Kawasaki disease

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A 4-year-old child has ingested a large number of iron tablets.

What is likely to be the first symptom

A. Nausea and abdominal pain
B. Hyperventilation
C. Seizure
D. Metabolic acidosis
E. Tachycardia

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