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An 18-year-old single white female at 30 weeks gestation presents to the hospital with uterine contractions 10 minutes apart. Her previous pregnancy 18 months ago resulted in a preterm birth at 29 weeks gestation.

The most accurate test to determine whether this patient will need hospitalization and tocolysis would be:

A. Serum corticotropin-releasing hormone
B. Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein
C. Serum human chorionic-gonadotropin (hCG)
D. Salivary estriol concentration
E. Vaginal fetal fibronectin

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Which one of the following agents used for tocolysis has the unique adverse effect of respiratory depression? 

A. Magnesium sulfate
B. Ritodrine (Yutopar)
C. Terbutaline (Brethine, Bricanyl)
D. Indomethacin (Indocin)
E. Nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia)

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A 32-year-old sexually active female has a Pap smear that shows Atypical Glandular Cells.

What is the next step?

A. Colposcopic examination
B. Cone biopsy
C. Laser ablation of the cervix
D. Repeat Pap in 4-6 months
E. HPV testing

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At a routine physical examination, the Pap smear of a 27-year-old woman shows evidence of marked inflammation suggestive of moderate dysplasia (HGSIL). Her last Pap smear 2 years ago was normal. Pelvic examination today is normal. She has never been pregnant and her menstrual periods are regular. She has been in a stable relationship with the same man for 3 years and she uses a diaphragm with spermicidal jelly for contraception.

The best next step is to: 

A. Advise the patient that her partner should use condoms for contraception and repeat the Pap smear in 3 months
B. Do colposcopic examination of the cervix after application of 5% acetic acid solution
C. Do conization of the cervix
D. Reassure the patient and repeat the Pap smear in 3 months
E. Treat the patient with metronidazole for 2 weeks and repeat the Pap smear in 3 months

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The appropriate next step in a 25-year-old woman found to have one abnormal Pap smear showing HSIL is:

A. Repeat in 12 months
B. Repeat in 4-6 months time with colposcopy if abnormal
C. Send patient directly for LEEP excision
D. Send for colposcopy
E. Repeat Pap immediately and treat for HPV infection

Category: Prometric--->OBGYN
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