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When a long bone fracture is repaired by internal fixation with plates and screws:

a. Callus at the fracture site forms more rapidly
b. Delayed union is prevented
c. Direct bone-to-bone healing occurs without soft callus formation
d. Endochondral ossification is more complete

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Which of the following is FALSE regarding healing of full-thickness injuries of the GI tract?

a. Serosal healing is essential to form a water-tight barrier to the lumen of the bowel
b. Extraperitoneal segments of bowel that lack serosa have higher rates of anastomotic failure
c. There is an early decrease in marginal strength due to an imbalance of greater collagenolysis versus collagen synthesis
d. Collagen synthesis is done by fibroblast and smooth muscle cells
e. The greatest tensile strength of the GI tract is provided by the serosa

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Steroids impair wound healing by:

a. Decreasing angiogenesis and macrophage migration
b. Decreasing platelet plug integrity
c. Increasing release of lysosomal enzymes
d. Increasing fibrinolysis

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What type of nerve injury involves disruption of axonal continuity with preserved Schwann cell basal lamina? 

a. Neurapraxia
b. Axonotemesis
c. Neurotmesis
d. Axonolysis

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The major cause of impaired wound healing is:

a. Anemia
b. Diabetes mellitus
c. Local tissue infection
d. Malnutrition

Category: Surgery--->Wound Healing
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