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Category: Surgery--->Inguinal Hernias
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The most common cause of urinary retention after hernia repair is:

a. General anesthesia
b. Narcotic analgesia
c. Pain
d. Peri operative bladder distention

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The outcome found more commonly with TAPP repair compared with TEP repair is:

a. Length of stay
b. Time to recovery
c. Risk of intra -abdominal injuries
d. Higher short-term recurrence rates

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The ratio of inguinal hernias to femoral hernias is:

a. 7:3
b. 5:1
c. 8:2
d. 10:1

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The high incidence of inguinal hernias in preterm babies is most often due to:

a. Failure of the peritoneum to close
b. Familial history
c. Female gender
d. Developmental dysplasia of the hip

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Injury to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve results in:

a. Inguinodynia
b. Osteitis pubis
c. Meralgia paresthetica
d. Nerve entrapment

Category: Surgery--->Inguinal Hernias
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