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The defect in gastroschisis is:

a. To the left of the umbilicus
b. To the right of the umbilicus
c. Through the umbilicus
d. Superior to the umbilicus

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The initial treatment for a pure EA (no fistula) is:

a. Repair of the EA
b. Repair of the EA with placement of a gastrostomy
c. Repair of the EA, Nissen fundoplication, and placement of a gastrostomy
d. Gastrostomy alone

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The most common branchial cleft fistula originates from the:

a. First branchial cleft
b. Second branchial cleft
c. Third branchial cleft
d. Fourth branchial cleft

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Which of the following is characteristic of congenital lobar emphysema?

a. It results from dilatation of the airways associated with chronic suppurative disease
b. Its arterial blood supply characteristically comes directly from the aorta
c. It most commonly involves the upper lobes of the lungs
d. Resection is usually performed due to risk of malignant degeneration

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An infant is referred to your clinic for evaluation of a neck mass. On physical examination, the patient has a left lateral neck mass with his head rotated to the opposite side. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

a. Thyroglossal duct cyst
b. Torticollis
c. Thymic cyst
d. Lymphatic malformation

Category: Surgery--->Pediatric Surgery
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