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Category: Plastic Surgery--->Paediatric plastic surgery
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Which strategy is least favourable for dealing with velopharyngeal incompetence?

a. Hynes pharyngoplasty
b. Intravelar veloplasty
c. Furlow palatoplasty
d. Orticochea pharyngoplasty
e. Posterior pharyngeal wall augmentation

Question 17#Print Question

The overall incidence of bifid uvula in the population is:

a. Between 1:100 and 1:70
b. Between 1:12000 and 1:1000
c. Between 1:12000 and 1:10000
d. Between 1:35 and 1:25
e. None of the above

Question 18#Print Question

Which French surgeon was the first to use the buried skin strip to repair hypospadias?

a. Byars
b. Duplay
c. Anger
d. Cecil
e. Novè-Josserand

Question 19#Print Question

Which method used to repair hypospadias is the odd one out?

a. Ombredanne
b. Byars
c. Cecil-Culp
d. Horton-Devine
e. Duplay

Question 20#Print Question

Who was the first to advocate including the palatal periosteum in flaps used to repair cleft palate?

a. von Langenbeck
b. Hulke
c. Dieffenbach
d. Billroth
e. Fergusson

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Paediatric plastic surgery
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