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A 3-week-old baby boy has been having non-bilious vomiting after feeds. There is a palpable mass at the margin of his right rectus abdominus muscle.

Which of the following presentation patterns and treatments best applies?

A. Respiratory distress; tracheo-esophogeal repair
B. Air fluid levels and double-bubble on x-ray; small bowel surgery
C. Distended abdomen and shock; emergent small bowel surgery
D. Foreign body on x-ray; removal of object
E. Hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis; pylorotomy

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A 11-year-old girl complains that one of her breasts is much larger and firmer than the other. These differences were confirmed by examination with no palpable mass. No nipple retraction was seen.

Which one of the following is the most appropriate management?  

A. Referral to surgery
B. Fine needle aspiration
C. Ultrasound examination
D. Repeat examination in a year
E. Mammography

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The most likely complication of an un-descended testis is:

A. Inguinal hernia
B. Hydrocele
C. Malignancy
D. Torsion
E. Ischemic atrophy

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You are conducting a routine physical examination on a 4-month-old infant who is new to your practice. The examination is entirely normal except that you do not feel a testicle in the right scrotal sac. You do, however, feel a soft, round, mobile mass high in the right inguinal area. It cannot be brought down into the scrotal sac with gentle maneuvers.

The most appropriate action would be to:

A. Regular re-examination until 6-12 months
B. Order pelvic ultrasonography
C. Order serum testosterone, LH, FSH, and müllerian inhibiting substance levels
D. Hormonal therapy (hCG or LH)
E. Monitor the patient and refer only if the testicle does not descend by 2 years of age

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A 12-month-old child is brought by the father with 2nd degree burns on both hands. He tells you that the child dipped his hands in very hot bathtub water. There is a clear distinction line on the burn with no splash burns.

The most likely diagnoses is: 

A. Child abuse
B. Scalded skin syndrome
C. Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
D. Accidental burning
E. Scarlet fever

Category: Prometric--->Paediatrics
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