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Which of the following investigations has the lowest radiation dose?

A. Magnetic resonance urography (MRU)
B. Plain abdominal X-ray
C. MAG3 renogram
D. DMSA renogram

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Which of these statements is CORRECT regarding religious circumcision?

A. Consent for surgery from the mother is sufficient
B. The father can provide consent only if he is married to the boy’s mother
C. Performing circumcision may be the least dangerous option
D. Where there is significant co-morbidity, counselling by a religious leader (e.g., priest) will have no value
E. Paediatric cardiology reassurance is required when the child has congenital heart disease

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Regarding undescended testis, which is the first step to be affected by the testis not having descended into the scrotum?

A. Neonatal gonocyte
B. Adult dark spermatogonia
C. Adult pale spermatogonia
D. Primary spermatocyte
E. Spermatid

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An 8-year-old boy presents with an inguinal testis. Which of the following is not true?

A. The most likely explanation is that his undescended testis was missed on postnatal checks
B. Orchidopexy will not affect his risk of developing testicular malignancy
C. There is a possibility that his testis may descend spontaneously into his scrotum
D. An inguinal testis is at higher subsequent risk of undergoing torsion
E. If orchidopexy is performed an important step is the dissection and division of the processus vaginalis

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Which of the following are not associated with urinary incontinence in a child?

A. Urinary flow rate indicating an overactive bladder
B. Flattened buttocks
C. Residual volume of 15 mL in a 5-year-old
D. Faecal incontinence
E. Inadequate leg abduction during voiding

Category: Urology--->Paediatric Urology
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