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Category: Surgery--->Surgical Considerations in the Elderly
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Physiologic aging, or "senescence," is defined as decreased functional reserve of critical organ systems. It is generally believed to occur at what age? 

A. 55 years
B. 70 years
C. 90 years
D. No defined age

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 Frailty is a major risk factor for postoperative complications. Which of the following measures does NOT contribute to frailty?

A. Impaired cognition
B. One or more falls in past 6 months
C. Osteoporosis
D. Hematocrit <35%

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What is the most common indication for surgical intervention in the elderly?

A. Coronary disease
B. Appendiceal disease
C. Long bone fracture
D. Biliary tract disease

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What is the leading cause of postoperative morbidity and mortality in the elderly?

A. Congestive heart failure
B. Cerebrovascular accident
C. Pneumonia
D. Renal failure

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Elderly patients with acute peritonitis may NOT present with typical symptoms of acute abdominal pain, fever, or leukocytosis due to an impaired immune response. A high index of suspicion is needed as the initial clinical diagnosis in elderly patients with acute appendicitis is correct in what percent of cases?

A. Less than 50%
B. 70-80%
C. 90-95%
D. 100%

Category: Surgery--->Surgical Considerations in the Elderly
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