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A 20-year-old woman complains of skin problems and is noted to have erythematous papules on her face with blackheads (open comedones) and whiteheads (closed comedones). She has cystic lesions on her chest and back. She is prescribed topical tretinoin and topical clindamycin, but without a totally acceptable result. You are considering oral antibiotics, but the patient requests oral isotretinoin.

Which of the following statements is correct? 

A. Oral minocycline and isotretinoin are a good combination for severe acne
B. Systemically administered isotretinoin therapy can be tried if the couple agrees to use barrier contraception and if they sign a consent form
C. Oral antimicrobial therapy is less effective than a topical antibiotic gel
D. The teratogenic effects of isotretinoin are its only clinically important side effects
E. Oral combination contraception has been approved as a treatment for moderate acne vulgaris

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A 22-year-old man presents with a 6-month history of a red, nonpruritic rash over the trunk, scalp, elbows, and knees. These eruptions are more likely to occur during stressful periods and have occurred at sites of skin injury. The patient has tried topical hydrocortisone without benefit. On examination, sharply demarcated plaques are seen with a thick scale. Pitting of the fingernails is present. There is no evidence of synovitis.

What is the best first step in the therapy of this patient’s skin disease? 

A. Photochemotherapy (PUVA)
B. Oral methotrexate
C. Topical calcipotriene
D. Oral cyclosporine
E. Topical betamethasone

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A 25-year-old complains of fever, nausea, and myalgias for 5 days, and now has developed a macular rash over his wrists, palms, ankles, and soles with some petechial lesions. The rash recently ascended to his arms and legs. The patient recently returned from a summer camping trip in Tennessee.

Which of the following is the most likely cause of the rash?

A. Contact dermatitis
B. Sexual exposure
C. Tick exposure
D. Contaminated water
E. Undercooked pork

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A 17-year-old adolescent girl presents with a pruritic rash localized to the wrist and chest at the sternal notch. Papules and vesicles are noted in a bandlike pattern, with oozing from some lesions.

Which of the following is the most likely cause of the rash? 

A. Herpes simplex
B. Shingles
C. Atopic dermatitis
D. Seborrheic dermatitis
E. Contact dermatitis

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A 35-year-old asthmatic woman develops an itchy rash over her back, legs, and trunk a few minutes after sitting in a public hot tub. Erythematous, edematous plaques are noted. The wheals vary in size. There are no mucosal lesions and no swelling of the lips.

What is the best first step in management of her symptomatic rash?

A. Intravenous glucocorticoids
B. Subcutaneous epinephrine
C. Oral antihistamines (H1 blockers)
D. Aspirin
E. Oral doxycycline

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