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A 64-year-old lady, on physical examination exhibits symptoms suggestive of a movement disorder with associated speech deficits.

This clinical presentation is classified as ‘hypokinetic dysarthria’ by her neurologist. It is associated with:

A. Parkinson’s disease
B. Huntington’s disease
C. Spasmodic dysphonia
D. Multiple sclerosis
E. Myasthenia gravis

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A 32-year-old man is diagnosed with a right-sided hemiparesis. On examination, his speech shows non-fluent aphasia.

His comprehension is intact, but repetition is impaired. He is most likely to have:

A. Transcortical motor aphasia
B. Transcortical sensory aphasia
C. Conduction aphasia
D. Broca’s aphasia
E. Wernicke’s aphasia

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A patient presents with features suggestive of Gerstmann’s syndrome. He also has aphasia.

Which of the following is the most likely type of aphasia with which he may present?

A. Transcortical sensory aphasia
B. Transcortical motor aphasia
C. Anomic aphasia
D. Global aphasia
E. Broca’s aphasia

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Regarding aphasia, which of the following statements is true?

A. Broca’s aphasia presents with logorrhoea
B. Neologism is a feature of Broca’s aphasia
C. Paragrammatism is a feature of Wernicke’s aphasia
D. Pure word deafness is associated with loss of naming
E. Involvement of the posterior cerebral artery leads to global aphasia

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Which of the following is true regarding acquired defects in reading and writing?

A. Alexia without agraphia is called acquired illiteracy
B. Alexia without agraphia is seen in association with Gerstmann’s syndrome
C. Anomic aphasia is associated with Gerstmann’s syndrome
D. Transcortical aphasia is due to lesions in the arcuate fasciculus
E. Alexia without agraphia is seen in posterior cerebral artery stroke

Category: Psychiatry--->Neurosciences
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