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All of the following are features of Down’s syndrome except:

A. Increased cardiac mortality and morbidity
B. Lax ligaments
C. Wide gap between first and second toes
D. Increased incidence of leukaemia
E. Delayed puberty

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Which of the following is false with regard to behavioural and psychiatric disorders associated with Down’s syndrome?

A. Rates of non-organic psychiatric disorders are higher in Down’s syndrome than in learning disability due to other causes
B. Autism has a significant association with Down’s syndrome
C. Seizures are a frequent clinical feature of Alzheimer’s dementia in those with Down’s syndrome
D. Medical conditions may underlie psychiatric presentations
E. Most patients have a placid temperament

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Classifi cation of mental retardation into ‘subcultural’ and ‘pathological’ subtypes was first described by:

A. EO Lewis
B. Henry Maudsley
C. Kraepelin
D. Morel
E. Kanner

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All of the following are true with regard to foetal alcohol syndrome except:

A. Decreased cranial size at birth
B. Agenesis of the corpus callosum
C. Neurosensory hearing loss
D. Poor eye–hand coordination
E. Congenital cataract

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A subcultural rather than neuropathological explanation for learning disability is supported by which of the following? 

A. Even distribution of learning disability across different socioeconomic groups of the population
B. Existence of a profound degree of learning disability
C. Learning disability in other members of the family
D. Facial dysmorphic features
E. Significant problems with adaptive functioning

Category: Psychiatry--->Child Psychiatry and Learning Disabilities
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