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With regard to hepatic anatomy, the falciform ligament divides the_____ from the____

A. Caudate lobe, quadrate lobe
B. Right lobe, left lobe
C. Left medial section, left lateral section
D. Left medial section, right lobe

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The most common variant of normal hepatic artery anatomy is:

A. Replaced left hepatic artery from the left gastric artery
B. Completely replaced common hepatic artery from the superior mesenteric artery (SMA)
C. Replaced right and left hepatic arteries
D. Replaced right hepatic artery from the SMA

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Which of the following correctly pairs the segments of the liver and their associated systemic venous drainage?

A. Segments I, II, III: Right hepatic vein
B. Segment IV: Right hepatic vein
C. Segment I: IVC
D. Segment V, VI, VII, VIII: Left hepatic vein

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With respect to the enterohepatic circulation ofbile, where are the majority of bile salts reabsorbed?

A. Duodenum
B. Proximal jejunum
C. Terminal ileum
D. Colon

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Which of the following compounds is not synthesized predominantly by the liver? 

A. Albumin
B. Factor VIII
C. Factor VII
D. Factor II

Category: Surgery--->Liver
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