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At the level of the endothelium, nitric oxide (NO) causes the following except:

a. Promotes smooth muscle relaxation
b. Reduced leukocyte adhesion
c. Increased smooth muscle proliferation
d. Downregulation of oxidative enzymes

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The following cells are considered most important to the process of atherosclerosis:

a. Monocyte/macrophage lineage
b. Platelets
c. Red blood cells
d. B cells

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The following are characteristics of a vulnerable plaque except:

a. High concentration of macrophages
b. High concentration of collagen
c. Neovascularization
d. Large necrotic core

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Arterial thrombosis after plaque rupture is initiated by:

a. Tissue plasminogen activator
b. Factor XIII
c. Protein C
d. Activated protein C
e. Tissue factor

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Low levels of gene expression can be detected by:

a. Northern blot
b. Western blot
c. Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)
d. Southern blot
e. Gene transfer

Category: Cardiology--->Physiology/Biochemistry
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