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Category: Surgery--->Soft Tissue Sarcomas
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All of the following are true about soft tissue sarcoma EXCEPT:

A. Most common site is trunk and retroperitoneum
B. There are more than 11,000 new diagnoses of soft tissue sarcoma annually in the United States
C. Most soft tissue sarcoma-specific deaths are due to uncontrolled pulmonary metastases
D. The overall 5-year survival rate for all stages of soft tissue sarcoma approximates 50 to 60%

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Which of the following is NOT associated with the development of sarcoma?

A. Radiation exposure
B. Herbicide exposure
C. Chronic lymphedema
D. History of trauma

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Internationale Contre le Cancer (AJCC/UICC) sarcoma staging system?

A. Tumor size
B. Number of mitoses per high-powered microscopic field
C. Lymph node metastatic status
D. Retroperitoneal sarcoma nomograms

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All of the following are known molecular pathogenic events in sarcoma EXCEPT:

A. Chromosomal translocations
B. Oncogene amplification
C. Complex genomic rearrangements
D. Epigenetic suppression

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For a T2G3NOMO sarcoma (stage II), treatment typically consists of:

A. Surgery alone
B. Surgery and radiotherapy
C. Surgery, radiotherapy, pre-surgical chemotherapy
D. Surgery, radiotherapy, pre- and postsurgical chemotherapy

Category: Surgery--->Soft Tissue Sarcomas
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