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According to ICD-10 criteria which of the following is considered to be the minimum required weight loss to be significant as a diagnostic criteria for somatic syndrome associated with depression?

A. Loss of 1% body weight in 1 month
B. Loss of 5% body weight in 3 months
C. Loss of 2% body weight in 2 weeks
D. Loss of 5% body weight in 1 month
E. Loss of 15% body weight in 1 week

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The prevalence of catatonic phenomenon among patients with schizophrenia is estimated to be around:

A. 1–2%
B. 0.01–0.05%
C. 5–10%
D. 15–25%
E. 30–35%

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a popular concept but not formally considered as a separate category under current classificatory systems.

Which of the following statements is true with regard to this condition?

A. Seasonal depression carries higher familial risk of affective disorders than non-seasonal depression
B. In phototherapy for SAD, exposure to skin is more effective than exposure to eye
C. Early-morning light therapy is more effective than evening exposure
D. Side-effects of exposure are more intense with evening than morning therapy
E. Conventional antidepressants have no effect on seasonal depression

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The 1-year prevalence of dysthymia is estimated to be around:

A. 15–20%
B. 20–25%
C. 1–6%
D. 0.1–0.6%
E. 10–15%

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The most powerful predictors of recurrence of depressive episodes among the following is:

A. Previous episodes of depression and presence of residual symptoms
B. Non-bipolar diagnosis and later age of onset
C. Female gender and earlier age of onset
D. Higher degree of life events and family history of affective disorders
E. Male gender and past history of psychiatric admission

Category: Psychiatry--->General Adult Psychiatry
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