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The annual age-adjusted cancer incidence rates among men and women are decreasing for all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Colorectal
B. Oropharynx
C. Lung
D. Thyroid

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Which of the following is NOT a hallmark of cancer?

A. Ability to invade and metastasize
B. Ability to evade apoptosis
C. Ability to evade autophagy
D. Ability to evade immune destruction

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Characteristics of tumorigenic transformation of cells include which of the following?

A. Enhanced surface adherence
B. Monolayer confluence inhibition
C. Acquisition of chemo-resistance
D. Immortalization

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The cell cycle includes all of the following phases EXCEPT:

A. S phase
B. G1 phase
C. G2 phase
D. G3 phase

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Which of the following factors are suggestive of a hereditary cancer? 

A. Tumor development at a younger than normal age
B. Presence of bilateral disease
C. Association with paraneoplastic syndrome
D. Presence of multiple primary malignancies

Category: Surgery--->Oncology
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