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Category: Surgery--->Surgery of the Hand and Wrist
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For vascular injuries to the hand requiring tourniquet, the maximum time the tourniquet should be applied to prevent tissue necrosis is:

A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours

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Anesthetic agents with epinephrine should NOT be used in:

A. The fingertip
B. The hand
C. The wrist
D. The forearm

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Most nondisplaced fractures do NOT require surgical treatment EXCEPT:

A. Those of the lunate bone of the wrist
B. Those of the capitate bone of the wrist
C. Those of the scaphoid bone of the wrist
D. All nondisplaced fractures require surgical treatment

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A patient shown to have wasting at the interdigital web spaces, experiences numbness of the ring finger and exhibits Wartenberg sign on physical examination most likely is suffering from:

A. Cubital tunnel syndrome
B. Carpal tunnel syndrome
C. Pronator syndrome
D. Anterior interosseous nerve syndrome

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The most common primary malignant tumor of the hand is:

A. Melanoma
B. Basal cell carcinoma
C. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)
D. Epithelioid sarcoma

Category: Surgery--->Surgery of the Hand and Wrist
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