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All of the following are true about split-thickness skin grafts EXCEPT:

A. Degree of contraction is dependent on amount of dermis in graft
B. High reliability of take
C. Healing with abnormal pigmentation more common in thin than thick grafts
D. Meshing grafts improve their ultimate cosmetic appearance

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Which of the following definitions is INCORRECT?

A. Flap composition: Description of the tissue components within the flap
B. Flap contiguity: The position of a flap relative to its recipient bed
C. Pedicle: Bridge of tissue that remains between a flap and its source; blood vessels that nourish a flap
D. Free flap: Flaps that are completely detached from the body prior to their reimplantation with microvascular anastomoses

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Factors influencing the development of cleft lip/palate include all the following EXCEPT:

A. Increased parental age
B. Vitamin A deficiency during pregnancy
C. Infections during pregnancy
D. Smoking during pregnancy

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Principles of reconstructive surgery include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Adequate restoration of lost anatomic components without residual deficits
B. Uncomplicated and timely wound healing
C. Individualization of specific reconstructive technique to specific patient deficit
D. Compromise of extent of tumor resection if needed for specific reconstructive surgical outcome

Category: Surgery--->Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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