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Category: Psychiatry--->Substance Use Disorders
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According to Jellinek’s classification of alcoholism, which of the following types refers to a person who has developed physical and psychological dependence but still maintains the ability to abstain if necessary?

A. Alpha
B. Beta
C. Gamma
D. Delta
E. Epsilon

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Which of the following is NOT a criterion for alcohol dependence syndrome as described by Edwards and Gross?

A. A subjective awareness of compulsion to drink
B. Increased tolerance to alcohol
C. Repeated withdrawal symptoms
D. Relief or avoidance of withdrawal symptoms by further drinking
E. Reduction in social obligations

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Which of the following is NOT a diagnostic criterion for alcohol dependence according to DSM-IV?

A. Strong desire or sense of compulsion to drink alcohol
B. Tolerance
C. Withdrawal
D. Loss of normal social activities due to drinking
E. Continued intake despite knowledge of the harmful effect

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The mortality rate in a person being treated for alcohol withdrawal delirium is:

A. 0–1%
B. 10–20%
C. 20–30%
D. 30–40%
E. >50%

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What is the typical time period in which withdrawal delirium appears in an alcohol-dependent person who has stopped drinking?

A. Within 6 hours
B. 6–12 hours
C. 2–3 days
D. After 7 days
E. 2 weeks

Category: Psychiatry--->Substance Use Disorders
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