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Which of the following statements about normal breast anatomy is true?

A. The breast typically contains 10 lobes
B. Cooper ligaments are only found in the upper quadrants of the breast
C. The upper inner quadrant of the breast contains the most breast tissue
D. The tail of Spence extends across the anterior axillary fold

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Which of the following changes in the breast is NOT associated with pregnancy

A. Accumulation of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and eosinophils within the breast
B. Enlargement of breast alveoli
C. Release of colostrum
D. Accumulation of secretory products in minor duct lumina

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The breast receives its blood supply from all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Branches of the internal mammary artery
B. Branches of the superior epigastric artery
C. Branches of the posterior intercostal arteries
D. Branches of thoraco-acromial artery

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Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

A. Level I lymph nodes are those that are lateral to the pectoralis minor muscle
B. Level II lymph nodes are located deep to the pectoralis minor muscle
C. Level III lymph nodes are located medial to the pectoralis minor muscle
D. Level IV lymph nodes are the ipsilateral internal mammary lymph nodes

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Concerning breast development before and during pregnancy, which hormonal activity pairing is INCORRECT?

A. Estrogen: Initiates ductal development
B. Progesterone: Initiates lobular development
C. Prolactin: Initiates lactogenesis
D. Follicle stimulating hormone: Cooper ligament relaxation

Category: Surgery--->Breast
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