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Which of the following theories was NOT proposed by Sigmund Freud?

A. The topographical model of mind
B. Affect trauma theory
C. Individual psychology theory
D. The structural model of the mind
E. Psychosexual stages of development

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Which of the following is true about primary process thinking?

A. It fulfils the reality principle
B. It fulfils the pleasure principle
C. It is associated with delay in gratification
D. It is ruled by rational thinking
E. It is ruled by the concept of time

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All of the following are functions of ego EXCEPT:

A. Accommodating the ego ideal
B. Control and regulation of instinctual drives
C. Rational judgement
D. Mediation between the internal world and external reality
E. Capacity to form mutually satisfying relationships

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Carol is undergoing psychotherapy. During her therapy sessions, she begins to argue with her therapist as she had argued with her deceased father.

Which of the following phenomenon is she demonstrating?

A. Transference
B. Resistance
C. Free association
D. Catharsis
E. Repression

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Which of the following refers to the mechanism by which several unconscious wishes can be combined into a single image in the manifest dream content?

A. Displacement
B. Symbolic representation
C. Secondary revision
D. Condensation
E. Dream work

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychology
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