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Category: Plastic Surgery--->Burns and trauma
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When considering the topic of reconstructive burn surgery, which of the following statements do you consider to represent the greatest consensus view?

A. Reconstructive burns surgery should begin when all scars are fully mature
B. In children reconstructive burn surgery should be delayed until puberty
C. Reconstructive burn surgery is primarily involved with the release of contractures
D. Reconstructive burn surgery should begin in the acute burn phase
E. The principal goal of reconstructive burns surgery is independent mobility

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Systemic effects of a major burn include:

A. Increased venous return
B. Increasing cardiac preload
C. Decreased systemic vascular resistance
D. Increased pulmonary vascular resistance
E. Hyperproteinaemia
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When considering burn reconstruction of the head and neck where the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and scalp are all significantly involved what would be the usual order for priority of reconstruction?

A. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, scalp
B. Nose, eyes, mouth, scalp, ears
C. Mouth, eyes, nose, ears, scalp
D. Eyes, mouth, scalp, nose, ears
E. Eyes, scalp, mouth, ears, nose

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Regarding Integra®, which of the following statements is true?

A. A major drawback in the use in burns reconstruction is that Integra® contracts
B. Integra® is a biodegradable skin regeneration template
C. Integra® contains cross-linked Type I bovine tendon collagen and a shark-derived glycosaminoglycan (chondroitin-4-sulphate)
D. Integra® is microbiologically inert and easily causes infection
E. Integra® is a bilaminar biodegradable tissue engineered dermal matrix generation template

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There are few published series of microsurgical reconstruction in post-burn paediatric patients. What is the principal reason for this?

A. Microvascular anastomosis has an unacceptably high failure rate after thermal injury in children
B. Children with extensive post-burn contractures do not tolerate prolonged anaesthesia well
C. The technical skills to perform these procedures are extremely demanding
D. Where the technical skills and resources exist there are relatively few patients who can benefit from the surgery
E. Acute burns care is so good that, globally, there is little need for such complex surgery

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Burns and trauma
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